IPSU Learning Box

Learning Boxes are available for loan to IPSU eligible Budget Based Funded Education and Care services in WA.

What is an IPSU Learning Box?

We’ve changed the name of our Aboriginal Resource Kits (ARK Boxes) to IPSU Learning Boxes.  Why? Because we wanted to emphasis that the boxes are not just some extra play materials, but have been put together to help educators learn more about creating quality experiences for children.

The IPSU Learning Boxes enable you to deliver  program experiences in ways that reflect Aboriginal cultures and the quality practices of the National Quality Framework.

The purpose of the IPSU Learning Boxes:

The Learning Boxes should help your service to:

  • Provide educators with examples of play materials, books, artifacts, experiences and events/celebrations that will promote quality programming and service delivery, and information about how to use them.
  • Provide support for educators to use the resources and information provided in the boxes and implement them in existing practice in their own early childhood setting.
  • Encourage educators to develop their own knowledge and practice to enable them to provide these types of activities and experiences everyday.

There are 8  IPSU Learning Boxes, which have been prepared around program concepts.  It should be remembered however, that programming ideas are flexible and educators can use the information creatively across many daily experiences with children.

How do we use them?

The resources in the IPSU Learning Boxes are designed to be used with resources that you already have.  For example, you may like to put the puppets together with the books so the children can use them to act out their favourite story.  Or perhaps the wooden animals may like to join in on block play.

Each IPSU Learning Box has resource sheets with:

– Programming Ideas

– General information about the resources in the box

– Ideas for practice;  how to use these resources with existing service resources.


List the boxes 1-8:

– IPSU Learning Box 1: Nourish and Nurture

 IPSU Learning Box 2: Natural Connections

– IPSU Learning Box 3: PALS

– IPSU Learning Box 4: Literacy and Numeracy

– IPSU Learning Box 5: Family and community connections

– IPSU Learning Box 6: Creative Play with Art and Craft

– IPSU Learning Box 7: Stories

– IPSU Learning Box 8: Music and Movement