The Yorganop Logo


About our logo

The logo for Yorganop (and the Indigenous Professional Support Unit in Western Australia) was designed by Noongar artist Ian Hill Wallam, a Bibbulmun Noongar from the South West Australian town of Busselton. The logo has been stylized to incorporate the original artwork and depicts the outline of a house.

The logo has been designed to express something of the spirit of Yorganop.

The circle at the top of the triangle represents the sun, the life force and giver of life.

The three bands of colour represent the colours of the landscape of the South West of Western Australia.

The oval shapes in the centre represent the family with the two hands on each side caring for children.

The distinctive yellow cross thatch identifies the artwork as Noongar.

The triangle is used to represent the basic needs of all people starting at the bottom with food and shelter.

The meaning of the word ‘Yorganop’ in the Noongar language is:

Yorga – girl

Nop – boy

Therefore, ¬†Yorganop means girl,boy or ‘our kids’.